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Welcome to our Resource Library. Enjoy this collection of audio recordings, podcasts, videos, articles and creative media from contributors within the IQ community. Explore the fascinating world of intuitive and mediumistic arts, spiritual healing, theurgic mediumship and contemporary spiritual philosophy.


The Soul Speaks: Listen to the Voice Within

Recognizing your perfection and listening to the voice of your own soul. With Brian Robertson.

FREE | 3:09 minutes

Not by Request

The spirit world is not at our beck and call. Mediums serve the other world first, this world second.

FREE | 5:02 minutes

Talking Heads #4: A Conversation

An improvisational debate exploring the nature of mediumship, what it means to be a medium, and the world of the afterlife.

FREE | 11:33 minutes


Everyday Mediumship

The foundation within mediumship.

FREE | 1:09 minutes

To Cleanse—To Heal

Considering ways to bring peace to our lives and our practice of mediumship. Through the myth of Poseidon, learn to ease the turbulent mind.

FREE | 1:42 minutes

The Journey Begins with Beauty

How the mystic’s journey relates to the nature of Beauty.

FREE | 1:10 minutes


Knowing the Medium

The path to genuine mediumship is through self-knowledge, personal transformation and communion with the One. What’s the first step?


The Spiritual Shopper

Exploring the medium’s journey in a consumer society and the challenge of choice in religious, spiritual and mediumistic teachings.


Intuition: The Soul’s Voice

Understanding intuition and its role in spiritual and mediumistic development.


You Asked Us …

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How can I use my abilities when I am not demonstrating?

What do you mean by spiritual capitalism?

Are mechanical exercises detrimental to my development?


Asking Which ‘Is’

By James Matharu