Spiritual Healing

An Ancient Practice

A spiritual healer in attunement allows the Divine Intelligence to effect the healing most needed by the recipient whether that be of body, mind, emotion, or spirit. A healer serves as the medium through which the healing power may work and is not the source of healing. 

Types of Spiritual Healing

Following a strict code of legal and ethical conduct, our Inner Quest healers offer two equally effective methods of spiritual healing:

Contact or Hands-on Healing

takes place in the presence of the recipient. The healer places their hands lightly upon the recipient’s shoulders while attuning to the One.

Absent or Distant Healing

takes place in the absence of the recipient with the same degree and effectiveness as contact healing.

Please be aware that spiritual healing is complementary to, but not a substitute for, orthodox medical treatment.

Receive Healing

We provide absent healing by request year-round, and contact healing at scheduled dates and times throughout the year at these ongoing activities:

Animal Healing

Since 2014, our team has provided both contact and absent healing to distressed animals anywhere in the world. Animals respond well to the healing vibration. 

Our healers consider their work as sacred and do not request a fee. However, as the IQ is a registered charity, your donation toward the upkeep and operation of the centre is much appreciated.

To Request Healing

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