Courses & Retreats

Education at the Inner Quest is always all about integrated learning and self-development within a community of supportive like-minded seekers.

Why Our Courses & Retreats?

For decades, students have gathered from around the world at the Inner Quest to expand their healing and mediumship abilities. Courses take place at the IQ Centre in Victoria, BC, in the UK and Europe, as well as online. Canadian retreats are located in a beautiful natural setting on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Our team of dedicated teachers guide you to…

→ Move beyond the boundaries of your awareness, enhance your perception, and deepen your natural talents.
Develop aspects of self that aid in attunement.
Understand and strengthen your intuition.
Gain trust and confidence in yourself and your ability.
Be creative within your everyday mediumship.
Discover connections to ancient wisdom and mystical knowledge.
Experience an esoteric journey of the spirit.

Courses & Retreats

A nine-week online course for those wishing to further their mediumistic development. This course will focus upon aspects of knowledge and practice that are often neglected within the developmental life of the modern day medium. 

Monday, April 8 – June 3, 2024

This residential retreat is an opportunity for those interested in spiritual healing, have recently begun to work it, or those continuing to develop their healing mediumship. Held on Vancouver Island, Canada.
October 14-19, 2024

This residential retreat is designed for those who wish to enhance their mediumistic ability and broaden their understanding of the art of mediumship. Held on Vancouver Island, Canada.
June 13-20, 2025

An innovative approach to mediumship through the lens of transpersonal psychology, consciousness, myth, and meaning. This week-long residential course is held at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, Great Britain.

November 30 – December 7, 2024
November 15 – November 21, 2025

Plato’s Cave students will delve into the deeper levels of the theurgic experience and the art of transcommunication. This residential retreat is held on Vancouver Island., Canada.

June 20-27, 2025

A video series for those wishing to enhance their intuitive abilities and support their health. These ancient breathing techniques and practices help you to recharge your creative batteries, calm the body-mind, and restore your connection to the life force (Prana). Nourish your soul by making your breath deeper and more meaningful. Each inhale and exhale is an opportunity to connect with your inner self.

Instructor Sarada Pranav Jagannath is a yoga master and Ayurvedic Wellness practitioner. She was raised in the Ayurvedic tradition, studied at the Sivananda Yoga and Vedanta Ashram, and at Swami Vivekananda Yoga in India.

Coming Soon!

Lyceum & Intuit Classes
Classes in intuitive & mediumistic development with Brian Robertson and Simon James. These are offered in-house at the IQ Centre, live online and as an On-Demand Learning courses.

Tarot for Life
Explore the wonders of the Tarot with Simon James. This is offered in-house at the IQ Centre, live online, and soon as On Demand Learning courses.

Stay posted about our courses, lectures, retreats, and other events!

What People Say About The Inner Quest

“You make me feel that I am safe and secure in your presence and my working surroundings. You understand my emotional and mental limitations and will not press me. I, along with many of my cohorts, know how unique and rare your wisdom and teachings are.”
United States
"Debra Skelton is a wonderful teacher with many talents who helped me to dance, to rediscover my body, making peace with it. No words are enough to describe what they offer to the students. Their authenticity within the tradition of mediumship has helped me to express who I am in my very essence and to integrate these experiences into my personal and professional life.”
“The Wisdom of Breath course was incredibly powerful. The exercises were broken down into easily managed sections which I could practice and which have alleviated stress in my daily life. Highly recommended!”