Tarot For Life

Explore the wonders of the Tarot with Simon James in this unique series of three weekend sessions during the year.

Magician to Mystic

Held at the Arthur Findlay College, UK 

An innovative approach to Mediumship, through the lens of transpersonal psychology, consciousness, myth and meaning.

Online Lyceum & Intuit Classes

Take part in these classes in intuitive & mediumistic development, offered in-person or online with teachers Brian Robertson and Simon James.

The Soul's Calling

The Soul’s Calling is a weekend of lectures, discussion and practical hands-on experience in the intuitive arts.

Why Our Courses?

The IQ Courses, Lectures and Hands-on Sessions will help you to expand your intuitive abilities and increase your confidence. Working in a supportive environment of ethical practice, we will:

What Our Students Say

Brian Roberston’s and Simon James’ individual and collective knowledge of the esoteric tradition is almost unparalleled. They provide an insight into the lived history and beauty of the intuitive arts whilst helping any individual interested in making a difference in the world to be their best selves - not necessarily only how to be the best medium. I myself have grown spiritually, mentally and emotionally as a result of their guidance and gained a deeper knowledge and love for the history and traditions of the community I belong to. I have also learned to see the world I live in differently. Any workshop or lecture they offer is invaluable!
"I first met Simon James and Brian Robertson several years ago at a workshop in Perth Australia. They opened my eyes to spiritual healing and mediumship. I have learnt something new at every course I have attended. Both these gentlemen are very helpful, kind and full of encouragement for their students."
The IQ team is a group of brilliant teachers whose dedication to their work shines through. Brian and Simon are exceptional teachers. Their depth and breadth of knowledge is second to none, and their comprehensive approach helps people to balance the unique aspects of themselves. ‘Miss Debra’ (as our group affectionately calls Debra Skelton) left an indelible impression on me that continues to encourage change within me.
New Zealand