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Theurgic Mediumship™ at the Inner Quest

A Return to Oneness

Theurgy may be defined as the art of creating connection between the material world and the unseen, uniting the divine power with the human being. This process of unification involves connecting elements of the cosmos at every level of being, from the so-called inanimate and animate creatures to Other.

The purpose of Theurgic Mediumship™ is simple – a return to Oneness. Theurgic mediumistic practices promote Embodied Unity – within the self, between all living things, and with the Divine or Other. Rather than training a mechanical skillset divorced from the soul of the medium, we believe that balanced wholeness of the medium themselves is integral to realising the fullness of mediumistic potential.

At the Inner Quest, students work extensively with traditional pre-Jungian archetypes as they pertain specifically to mediumistic practice, and receive training in Theurgic Movement, Theurgic Healing and energy work. Here, esoteric, mystical, and ancient philosophy meet modern science, transpersonal psychology and consciousness studies. The developing medium will be well-grounded in all of these aspects as well as in foundational mediumistic techniques.

Our intention is to bring you back home to the essence of your nature and the divine within, in order that you may serve well.  This is our job as teachers of Theurgic Mediumship™ in the 21st century.

The Inner Quest Foundation holds the worldwide registry for authentic practitioners of Theurgic Mediumship. Should you wish to know if a particular practitioner is a Theurgic Medium registered with the Inner Quest, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Please note that not all Theurgic Mediums publicly identify themselves as such.
For reasons of privacy, we do not publish the registry and only release contact information with the practitioner’s permission. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact us about training

Email us at if you wish to pursue Theurgic Mediumship™ or find a genuine practitioner of the art. Properly trained theurgic practitioners have a connection to the teachers and education at the Inner Quest.