Our Mission & Our People

The Inner Quest is committed to offering ethical service in all aspects of our work, modeling diversity and respect for all.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

To encourage the integrated awareness of body, heart, mind and spiritual development of the whole being within a community of supportive seekers, inspired by ancient sacred tradition, and grounded in contemporary knowledge.

Our Values

At the Inner Quest, we are committed to offering…

  • Education for the personal and professional development of the spiritual seeker through ongoing training in the intuitive, theurgic, and esoteric arts.
  • Ethical service in all aspects of our work, modelling diversity and respect for all.
  • Encouragement and support for those who seek the essence of the One.
  • A community which encourages self-awareness, creativity, and a return to one’s nature. 
  • A Sanctuary of healing, tranquility, and community, in touch with the transcendent needs of society and engaging with the needs of local and international community.

Our People


› Founder & President: Brian Robertson
› Vice-President: Simon James
Administration: Terri Woolgar 
Registrar & Financial Officer: Debbie Robertson
Healing: Sheila Lukasiewich & Glenda Craven
Animal Healing: Bob Tacon

Board of Directors

› Brian Robertson
› Simon James
Terri Woolgar 
Debbie Robertson
› Martha Chick

› Darryl Turner
› Debra Skelton

Our Teachers

› Brian Robertson
› Simon James
› Debra Skelton
› Christine Morgan


Our community of dedicated volunteers bring their talents and hard work to create public events, maintain our building, tend our gardens, and care for the needs of our wider community. We are very grateful.