Sophia International Community

A vibrant supportive community for intuitive seekers wishing to belong, share, and explore life together in a thoughtful way.

“The Sophia Community plays an important role in my daily life. I  love to share with like-minded people without being judged, feeling safe, and supporting each other.. Gathering as a community makes me feel less isolated, gives me a strong sense of belonging, and contributes to creating a better World.”


Sophia is an international family of intuitive practitioners and esoteric explorers who seek to create a meaningful life through an integrated practice of shared knowledge, experience, and spiritual awareness. We gather regularly for seminars and lectures by eminent mediums, researchers and artists, and offer lounges of special interest in diverse aspects of the intuitive arts. We share ideas, questions, and thought-provoking conversations daily via our private Facebook platform. 

Within the Unity of Community, we have an opportunity to heal the self and, in doing so, to move human consciousness in the direction of peace.

Sophia members challenge each other to make changes in our lives, and to enrich our understanding of what it is to live a fully human spiritual life. We understand that all is done with respect, honesty, humour, and an acceptance of all views.

If you’re a spiritual seeker looking to enhance your awareness of self, spirituality, and your humanity, Sophia offers you a vibrant, dedicated, and supportive community.

Please be aware that Sophia is not a training ground for eager mediums, a how-to for teachers, or a platform for personal or professional gain. Thank you.

What does Sophia offer?

Annual Enrolment of $396 US provides the following:

Brian Robertson, Simon James, and other eminent guest speakers present six targeted lectures in consciousness, personal development, spiritual healing, mediumship, archetypes, and other esoteric subjects of relevance to the spiritual seeker. Each lecture is succeeded by a live interactive session during which you are invited to pose questions and comments related to the lecture topic. These sessions are exclusive to the Sophia Community. 

Discounts on selected IQ online courses and classes. Access to articles, podcasts and videos related to spirituality and consciousness.

The community gathers three times weekly to Sit in the Presence. This is generally preceeded by a few moments of relaxed conversation.

A series of interactive community seminars, symposiums, and lectures with a focus on consciousness research, books of special interest, mediumship, sacred movement, and personal development.

Plus, Daily Interactive Posts ...

Day of Challenge:
Challenges to encourage you to awaken, heal and empower both yourself and each other as we go through the week.

Day of Awareness:
Prompts to stir your imagination with questions aimed at getting to know you while building friendships and relationships with one another in our global community.

Day of Nurture:
Healthy and delicious recipes to nurture your body, and an invitation to share pictures of your dishes to encourage others to do the same.

Day of Opportunity:
Fitness, mental wellness and nutritional tips to improve your well-being, encouraging you to share your challenges and your triumphs with community.

Day of Wisdom:
Words to inspire and invoke your contemplation
 in matters of Consciousness and Spirituality. We invite you to post your opinions and experiences in conversation with your community.

The Sophia Bursary

Everyone deserves an opportunity to belong to community, to heal and to live well. At the IQ, we do all we can to make programs like Sophia affordable for those with limited resources. 

When purchasing your subscription, we invite you to pay-it-forward by donating any amount you choose to help others who may need assistance. To donate, please do so online or contact the IQ office at 1-250-383-1012. Thank you! 

Should Sophia enrolment be an obstacle for you at the moment, please contact the IQ office to discuss ways we can assist with your payment.

Apply to Join the Sophia Community

All requests are carefully reviewed in order to maintain the ongoing integrity and purpose of our dedicated online community.