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Echoes Unheard: Reflections on the Unseen

by Debra Skelton

An offering of diverse views on the unseen world from profoundly wise minds who, like so many of us today, are driven by an unquenchable desire to understand that which we cannot see. Hear from mediums, psychologists, researchers, scientists, artists, spiritualists, activists and environmentalists, past and present, who share their experience of Otherness with passion, wit, humour and pathos. A remarkable insight into the nature of human and divine consciousness

“There are times when we yearn to have at hand something to inspire and uplift us through our more difficult moments. This compilation of some of the best literary outpourings from spiritual writers challenges and fascinates at the same time. Thank you, Debra Skelton, for an inspired idea.”

Janet Parker 
Minister, Spiritualists’ National Union

Magician to Mystic: A Mediumistic Path to a Spiritual Life

by Brian Robertson & Simon James

Magician to Mystic opens the door to a heart-centred understanding of the nature of mediumship, mysticism and its spiritual roots, reconnecting with the classical oral tradition of esoteric mediumship grounded in ancient knowledge, and encompassing aspects of alchemy and mythology and traditional archetypes. Internationally esteemed teachers of the mystery tradition and the intuitive arts, Robertson & James revitalize those aspects of ancient wisdom which lie at the core of the healing art of transcommunication.

“A book for all seekers of Truth, moving us beyond the smoke and mirrors of waking perception to the reality of the spiritual connection that rests in the heart of all Creation and the hidden source of our being. Their presence emanates from each page, creating a joyful guide to all pilgrims of the Way. I predict it shall be cherished, and consulted over and again.”

Janet Piedilato, PhD
Author of Pieda’s Tales

Echoes: Teachings from the Past, Wisdom for the Present

by Debra Skelton

Spiritual seekers the world over may now add to their bookshelves a highly readable contemporary anthology of selected writings by our eminent Spiritualist forebears. Here you will find inspired passages that comfort, uplift and help you to understand your own spiritual quest.

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