The Awakened Mind: The Intuitive Way

Back by popular demand! 

“The Awakened Mind: The Intuitive Way” is back by popular demand. First offered at the Arthur Findlay College in 1999, this ground-breaking course advanced mediumistic development to new heights owing to its unique fusion of modern psychology and and deeply experiential understanding of post-death communication. 

The medium’s most valuable possession is an awakened mind. When our minds are in optimal balance with our emotions and perceptions, we are able to give our best work in service. Mediumship and mind are inextricably linked. By embracing both we develop the whole medium. Our own professional advancement in the realms of modern psychology means that we are able to move our students forward in the understanding of human consciousness and mediumship. 

This course is an opportunity to embark on a pathway of self-discovery in a safe, supportive environment, by-passing the limitations of mediumistic mechanics and choosing to follow the intuitive way of the Awakened Mind. Brian Robertson and Simon James will guide you on a journey which intertwines mediumship and self-knowledge, revealing the infinite potential of your mediumship. 

Simon and Brian are delighted to bring “The Awakened Mind: The Intuitive Way” to a new generation of sensitives.

Open to all levels of experience.

Dates: August 31 to September 3, 2024
Location: The Barbanell Centre, UK
To register:  Contact the Barbanell Centre, UK