Plato’s Cave

At Plato’s Cave, students will delve into the deeper levels of the theurgic experience and the art of transcommunication. It is designed to guide returning students and those with more experience to expand their understanding beyond any preconceptions of mediumship.

Please note that Plato’s Cave is not for those who wish to advance their mechanical mediumship in any form. There are no technical practice sessions and no direct work with trance state. This week supports your ongoing personal development and enhances consciousness, but is entirely unsuitable for those seeking tools for teaching or working with the public.

We invite you to join students from around the world as we push back the boundaries of your awareness, enhance your perception and deepen your abilities.

Date: June 15-22, 2023
Location: Vancouver Island Retreat Centre, Canada
Cost: TBA
By Invitation Only

For information: call 250-383-1012 or email

To register:
By invitation. Returning Gathering students may contact our office directly to request an invitation.