Paths between Head and Heart:
Exploring the Harmonies of Science and Spirituality

by Oliver Robinson

Nominated for the SSSR Distinguished Book Award 2020 and shortlisted for the Scientific and Medical Network Book Award 2018.

“This book plays a vital role in building a bridge between science and spirituality, demonstrating that they are natural partners in the evolution of our understanding of the universe and providing a comprehensive account of attempts to synthesise them. I particularly commend its dialectical structure, which puts the topic in a broader context than usual.” 

Prof. Bernard Carr, Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy at Queen Mary University of London

“Oliver Robinson is a rare combination of academic rigour and courageous spirituality. We desperately need a spirituality that has a heart but doesn’t require a brain bypass. This excellent book gives us a map.” 

Jules Evans, author of Philosophy for Life: And other dangerous situations and 
The Art of Losing Control: A philosopher’s search for ecstatic experience.