Merchants of Light

The Consciousness That Is Changing the World
by Betty Kovacs

When folks at the Inner Quest make reference to ‘our tradition’, they may hint at a tradition that encompasses not only a vast body of thought and symbol, often labelled ‘esoteric’, but also a way of life. It is a sacred tradition that seeks to initiate individuals into the wisdom of their own soul, towards becoming co-creators with the Divine.

The roots of this tradition can be traced back to the Stone Age. Amongst its many branches are those called Hermeticism, the First Temple tradition, Greco-Roman mystery schools, the medieval search for the Grail, the Italian Renaissance, Rosicrucianism, Alchemy…

In Merchants of Light, Betty Kovacs runs through this western tradition in large, yet elegant strides. She describes how its threads of truth surfaced time and again, often urged by those who had access to ancient wisdom. Yet, again and again they were repressed by religious and worldly powers, as soon as their plea for self-realization and god-realization sounded too loud and they gained too much influence. 

Kovacs focusses her story on the resilience of the movement. She also counts on a renaissance of this ancient wisdom, traditionally called Sophia, in our present day and age. Let’s hope she is right. That way we can move consciousness forward, so we can move this world forward, to its rightful place within the divine constellation. 

For those who like broad historical overviews and a hopeful perspective, this is an excellent book.