A 3 part lecture series with Dr James Matharu

What is the relationship between mind and body, or body and soul?
What comes first, matter or consciousness?
What happens after death?
How can we speak about a Being who is infinite?

About Dr Matharu

Many of the ‘Big Questions’ in philosophy are about relationships. But what if our assumptions around ‘things’ as separate mechanisms that interact with each other, is misplaced? What if body and mind, corpse and soul, life and matter, God(s) and humans, are not things but rather processes which realise themselves each in the other rather than as separable entities?

Join me, Dr. James Matharu, for a trio of interactive seminars in which we consider these questions from an entirely different point of view – that of Manifestation – processes which are constantly altering themselves, not just into the future, but backwards into the past.

Simon James and Brian Robertson will be joining me as they weave their knowledge into the art and practice of the journey from Magician to Mystic.

The manifestation called ‘self-awareness’ emerges when an ‘inside’ and its ‘outside’ present themselves as aspects of the same activity. Being a person with a mind means that activities achieve a distinctive inside with own distinctive outside. Mind is not separate from, but rather an aspect of, matter – and vice versa!

Why would we assume that different ways of speaking about the dead are manifestations of a single thing? Different practices may indicate that different kinds of being, characterised by different kinds of activity, are manifested in various ways. Following on from the first seminar, I suggest that such concepts are indeed abilities to manifest the activities of other beings and phenomena.

In this final seminar of the series, Manifestation, I discuss artefacts such as dolls, drawn faces, masks, and effigies. I ask whether they are merely representations of faces or ‘crafted’ kinds of living beings in themselves. We look at whether such beings might not include, in a crucial sense, certain spirits, gods, or demons.

Live Online Dates:
Saturday, July 13
Saturday, August 17
Saturday, September 28

Time: 13:00 to 14:30 PT

Sophia International Community: Free
General Public: full series $99 US ; single lecture $45 US
Live Event. No refunds