Magician to Mystic

By overwhelming demand this ground-breaking course comes to the College with an innovative approach to Consciousness and Mediumship. 

In addition to working with aspects of practice and self-development, prepare to touch upon the broader touchstones of the medium’s experience through the lens of transpersonal psychology, consciousness, myth and meaning. 

This course is designed for those who seek a greater understanding of the spiritual significance of the sacred art of mediumship in today’s world.It is organized by Robertson and James of the Inner Quest Foundation on behalf of The Arthur Findlay College.

Brian Robertson,MSc
Simon James, MSc
Janet Parker
Christine Morgan 

Dates: November 30 – December 7, 2024
Location: Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, UK 
Cost: £750.00
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Attend the Magician to Mystic retreat in Canada, June 8-15, 2023.

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