by Debra Skelton
Foreword by Brian Robertson and Simon James.

 Paperback | 212 pages

 152 x 229 x 11mm | 290g

 26 Sep 2017

 Debra Skelton


List of Authors: Victor Hugo, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Maurice Barbanell, Frank T Blake, Mary E Cadwallader, Alice Carey, Lewis S Coleman, W J Colville, Andrew Jackson Davis, Lizzie Doten, Harry Edwards, W H Evans, Arthur Findlay, Will Ford, Emma Hardinge Britten, Gordon Higginson, Mattie E Hull, Alfred Kitson, Korretyr, Horace Leaf, John C Leonard, Adelaide Love, Florence Marryat, Gerald Massey, Netty Colburn Maynard, Paul Miller, J J Morse, Robert Dale Owen, J M Peebles, Cora V Hatch Richmond, James Robertson, Minot Savage, Julia Schlesinger, J Murray Spear, William Thomas Stead, Hannen Swaffer, Emanuel Swedenborg, Hudson & Emma Rood Tuttle, M H &  E W Wallis, Nixon Waterman, Elizabeth Lowe Watson, Nellie R White, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Victoria Woodhull, W B Yeates.

Spiritual seekers the world over may now add to their bookshelves a highly readable contemporary anthology of selected prose and poetry by our eminent Spiritual forebears. Here you will find passages that move, uplift and make you think – and think again!