The Return

It’s time to Return to the real world…

Join us in the beautiful, relaxed environment of Lake Cowichan as we share a brand new course to reawaken the art and practice of your mediumship. As we work together, we will reset our own routines of sitting, body movement and traditional esoteric mediumistic practice.

Knowledge changes both our world and understanding. Join with us as we share the latest research and developments to further your wisdom experience.

The development of the mediumistic mind thrives within a supportive community. Return to your nature in an environment that embraces and nurtures your ‘inner real world’.

The last two years have been challenging on both a personal and spiritual level. The Return is an opportunity to enliven your understanding of the foundation of your ability, or to get back to correct practice of the spirit if you have lapsed or had no contact with a teacher in person during the pandemic.

We look forward to your “Return”…

Upcoming dates: September 19-26, 2022
Location: Vancouver Island Retreat Centre, Canada
Teachers: Brian Robertson, Simon James, Debra Skelton
Prerequisite: Not suitable for those beginning their journey of mediumship.

For information: call 250-383-1012 or email