Notice: 2023 retreats are subject to change according to official pandemic regulations

Healer's Heart

This is an ideal opportunity for students at all levels: those who have recently begun to work with spiritual healing and those continuing to develop their healing mediumship.

Upcoming dates:
October 16-21, 2023

Magician to Mystic

The Magician to Mystic retreat is designed for those who wish to take their mediumship and mechanics to a deeper level.

Upcoming dates:
June 8-15, 2024

Plato's Cave

At Plato’s Cave, students will delve into the deeper levels of the theurgic experience and the art of transcommunication.

Upcoming dates:
June 15-22, 2024

What to Expect at our Retreats?

Since 2002, students from around the world have gathered at our residential retreats to expand their healing and mediumship abilities. 

Set in a beautiful natural landscape, our lectures and practical sessions focus on your holistic development—mind, body, spirit. We guide you to move beyond the boundaries of your awareness, enhance your perception and deepen your natural talents.

What Our Students Say

“I value the great sense of community. It’s like a big family. There is a lot of support within the groups and classes. It’s good to know we have connections around the world with like-minded people who are committed to developing their mediumship, who appreciate its value, and understand its healing.”
"I feel so privileged to have met Simon James and Brian Robertson. Their commitment and authenticity to share their knowledge in the tradition of what mediumship is, contributed to expressing who I am in my very essence. Debra Skelton is a wonderful teacher with many talents who, during the retreats, helped me to dance, to rediscover my body, making peace with it. No words are enough to describe what they offer to the students. It is so intense and rich and what experienced there I could integrate in my personal and professional life. "
“All of you convey an attitude of truly caring for us and to our individual wants and needs. You make me feel and know that I am safe and secure in your presence and my working surroundings. You understand my emotional/mental limitations and will not press me to a point that could further harm or injure my psyche. I, along with many of my cohorts, know how unique and rare your wisdom and teachings are.”