Privacy, Confidentiality and Security Agreement:​

The Inner Quest Foundation (IQ) is committed to ensuring that the organization complies with relevant privacy, confidentiality and security legislation in order to protect our participants, our staff and our organization. To facilitate this, individuals are required to understand their obligations and responsibilities, including what it means to sign this agreement.

All persons, including Inner Quest Foundation staff, contractors, volunteers, students, members and participants who come into contact with, or have access to, confidential information have a responsibility to maintain the privacy, confidentiality and security of that information.

Confidential information may include information relating to:
– Participants and/or Family Members:
Such as health, conversations and financial information.
– Employees, Contractors, Volunteers, Students and Participants:
Such as salaries, employment records, disciplinary actions, and health status.
-Business Information:
Such as financial records, reports, memos, contracts, computer programs, and technology pertaining to the Inner Quest.
-Third Parties:
Such as vendor contracts, computer programs, and technology.
-Operations Improvement, Quality Assurance, Peer Review, Presentations, Survey Results.

To assist the Inner Quest Foundation in complying with legislation, a range of policies and procedures have been developed and implemented. Staff are required to be aware of the content of the following documents and the impact they have on their role. These procedures are available at the IQ centre.

Examples of Breaches:
Note: These are examples only. They do not include all possible breaches of privacy, confidentiality or security covered by this agreement. You are welcome to read the relevant Inner Quest Foundation policies and procedures which can be accessed via the IQ office.

Accessing information that you do not need as a member:
-Unauthorized reading of another participant’s personal information.
-Random searching about a participant on social media or by any other means.
-Accessing other participant’s information concerning family, friends or co-workers. Sharing information about participants and their families, friends or co-workers without prior permission from them.

Divulging personal information without an individual’s consent:
-Discussing or gossiping about a participant in situations unrelated to class or group involvement, or divulging another IQ member’s personal details.
-Conducting a conversation relating to a participant or staff member in a public place. Telling a relative or friend about a participant member.
-Discussing confidential information in a public area such as a waiting room or elevator.
-Disclosing participant information via any form of web media, e.g. Facebook or Instagram.

Sharing, copying or changing information without proper authorization:
-Making unauthorised changes to or using a participant’s posts or information.
-Making changes to or using IQ information.
-Copying and forwarding participant or IQ information to a third party without verbal or written consent.
-Copying, videoing, or plagiarizing any of the material on any of the Inner Quest platforms without prior permission.

Sharing your password:
-Unauthorized sharing of your password so that a non-member can access any IQ member’s site.
-Divulging the access codes, files or participant accounts to an unauthorised person.
-Using unauthorised shared passwords.

Using another person’s password:
-Using a co-participant’s password to log in to the IQ member’s sites.
-Unauthorized use of a participant’s password, files or accounts.
-Using a co-participant’s application for which you do not have rights after he/she is logged in.

Disclosing participant information without following IQ guidelines:
-Disclosing participant details over the phone, email or internet.

Leaving a secure information system (i.e. a system that is password protected) unattended while logged on:
-Whether deliberately or indirectly, permitting any other unauthorized party to listen in, read, have access to, or otherwise be witness to any material, lecture, event or activity of a private Inner Quest membership site.
-Allowing anyone to read or use the Inner Quest private membership sites for which he/she does not have permission or personal access, after you have logged in.

Further Information
If you have any questions or concerns relating to privacy, confidentiality or security of information whilst engaged with the Inner Quest Foundation, please contact:
Att: Privacy Officer
Inner Quest Foundation
Phone: + (250) 383-1012
Email: info@innerqf.com

Privacy, Confidentiality and Security Agreement
Participation and involvement with the Inner Quest Foundation requires that you understand and agree to the following:

1. I WILL ONLY access information to the level my participation.
2. I WILL NOT disclose, copy, release, sell, alter or destroy any confidential information, either electronic or paper based unless it is part of my job. If it is part of my job to do any of these tasks, I will follow the correct procedure (such as putting confidential papers in appropriate security bins or using the IQ guidelines).
3. I WILL NOT misuse or be careless with confidential information.
4. I WILL NOT disclose my personal computer passwords and will only use shared passwords in authorized situations.
5. I ACCEPT responsibility for all activities undertaken using my password.
6. I KNOW that my access to confidential information may be audited.
7. I WILL NOT remove confidential information (e.g. medical records, photocopied participant forms or electronic data) from the IQ unless it is an authorized work practice.
8. I WILL report any activities to IQ that I suspect may compromise the confidentiality and integrity of information. I understand these reports, made in good faith, will be held in confidence to the extent permitted by law.
9. I WILL wear my legal name at all times whilst participating in all areas and activities of the IQ.
10. I WILL protect the privacy of IQ participants and employees.
11. I AM RESPONSIBLE for my use or misuse of confidential information.
12. I UNDERSTAND my obligations under this Agreement will continue after termination of my time with the Inner Quest.

I am aware that failure to comply with this agreement may result in the termination of my membership, position, enrollment, or employment at the Inner Quest Foundation, and/or may incur civil or criminal legal penalties.