Lyceum: The Journey

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A return to the foundations of awarenesss, looking to the far horizon of development

In response to continuing demand, the Inner Quest will be offering another online educational opportunity for those wishing to further their mediumistic development. We will soon be accepting applications for admission to the next course, “Lyceum: The Journey”.

This course aims to provide the medium with those aspects of knowledge and practice that are often missing within the developmental life of the modern day medium. The course will comprise both theory and practice.  Please note that this course is not designed for beginners. An intermediate-advanced level of expertise is required. 

Participants will look not only to specific methods and teaching techniques, but to the place that their art and craft holds in the ancient tradition of mediumship. The serious practitioner will come away from this course with a renewed perspective and a deeper understanding with which to carry on the sacred work they have chosen.

Duration: 12 sessions
Time: 2-2.5 hrs.
Dates: TBA 2022 
Investment: $360 US  
Discounted investment for Sophia Community: $324 US

Pre-Requisites: Intermediate-Advanced levels only. This course is not suitable for beginners or those just starting on their developmental journey. Students must have participated in the “Wisdom of Breath Community Practice” with Sarada or have taken the four-part “Wisdom of Breath” series prior to the commencement of the Lyceum.

Please note: Participants must sign up for all 12 classes and must stay for the full duration of each session. If you are currently engaged in mediumistic or psychic study with another teacher, we ask that you please advise us of your program in advance. Thank you.

“The art and practice of mediumship endures because of the work of those who have chosen to pass on their knowledge and experience to those ready to receive it. The very survival and continuity of the mediumistic arts depends upon the dedication of such workers for the spirit whose own reserves must, in turn, be rekindled.”

We invite you to join us for “Lyceum: The Journey!

Over progressive sessions, these courses are designed to help you:

Understand and strengthen the holistic development of your abilities

Explore ways to discover and build your connection to Spirit

Learn how to differentiate between psychic and mediumistic information

Discover the principles of mediumship and the link to ancient wisdom

“Through your teachings I have been able to deal with my personal growth which has helped me with major challenges in my life…You have given me the ability to listen to my own soul. Sometimes it takes a while, but the answer is always found within. Thank you.”

For information: call 250-383-1012 or email