Online for fall 2021
We’re excited to offer this new online class for experienced mediums.  Come and explore the elements of the medium’s art in pursuit of a path of spiritual progression.  

Coming Fall 2021

Working within a format of lectures, group work and one-on-one exercises,
these classes focus on the foundations of mediumship within the spiritual experience.

Over progressive sessions, this course is designed to help you:

Understand and strengthen the holistic development of your abilities

Explore ways to discover and build your connection to Spirit

Learn how to differentiate between psychic and mediumistic information

Discover the principles of mediumship and the link to ancient wisdom

“Through your teachings I have been able to deal with my personal growth which has helped me with major challenges in my life…You have given me the ability to listen to my own soul. Sometimes it takes a while, but the answer is always found within. Thank you.”

For information: call 250-383-1012 or email