Ayurvedic Cleanse - As a Way of Life

Experience wellness through a guided five-day Ayurvedic cleanse within a supportive online community. Rejuvenate your body by clearing toxins with a gentle internal cleanse.

We will:

  • follow the wisdom of the season and the knowledge of the day (Dinacharya) through diet and lifestyle to balance the Agni (digestive fire), and
  • commit to follow the intelligence of the season along with our Sangha (cOMmunity).

Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner Sarada Pranav Jagannath will guide and support you through the cleanse by following ancient Ayurvedic wellness principles.

You will be invited to a private Facebook group platform created by the Inner Quest for this program (only visible to those registered). This platform offers shared supportive experience, a forum for comments, questions and connection.



  • Two-hour live introduction on Zoom. A recording will be available for later viewing.
  • You have the week to prepare and shop for supplies.

The Cleanse:

Sarada will guide you through the experience by

  • answering your questions and comments on the group page, and
  • posting short videos, recipes and information to assist and inform your cleanse process. 

Wrap up:

  • Tips, resources and feedback to encourage your wellness.
  • A recording will be available for later viewing.