The Inner Quest
Centre for Integrated Awareness

Journey from the head to the heart

At the Inner Quest Centre

Discover progressive and innovative ways of reawakening an awareness of your true nature as you develop your faculties of intuition, mediumship, and the healing arts.

Engage with an international community of like-mind spiritual seekers. Learn about our tradition of Theurgic Mediumship™, archetypes, tarot, mythology, and eco-spirituality guided by a team of experienced professionals and practitioners.

Experience the connection between your intuitive ability and psychology, spirituality, creativity, mysticism, science, and ancient esoteric knowledge in an offering of integrated programs that engage mind, heart, body, and spirit.

Our Mission & Our People

At the Inner Quest, we nurture the integrated awareness of body, heart, mind, and spirit of the human being within a community of supportive seekers.

Theurgic Mediumship™

“A Return To Oneness” 

Theurgic Mediumship™ is a modern expression of our ancient spiritual lineage developed by architect and originator, Brian Robertson. The Inner Quest Centre is home to the formation, study, and registry of qualified teachers of Theurgic Mediumship™.

What People Say About The Inner Quest

“Great sense of community. It’s like a big family. It’s good to know we have connections around the world with like-minded people who are committed to developing their mediumship, who appreciate its value and understand its healing.”
"Simon and Brian are passionate about what they do. They teach from the heart and meet us where we are. It has given me a huge insight into myself, challenging my attitudes and views, both in relation to myself and as a spiritual being. It has been a fantastic journey ‘home’ for myself!"
"The IQ fosters growth for any discerning intuitive. I have been encouraged to question and reflect on all aspects of my development. This community is always fun, honest, respectful and wholly present and I find that so necessary in a fragmented world. I am delighted to be a part of this community and what it represents!"

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